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About Us

Experience Pays We have
a broad knowledge in the
electronics field. If you
would like us to complete
the job for you, or simply
need to consult with an
experienced representative
give us a call.

ERG  Electronic Repair Garage LLC. is a newer company
with leaders that have been in the computer repair industry
for a long time. We have brought together people with a wide
variety of knowledge and expertise to best serve all ERG

ERG Board:

Philip O’Donoghue Founding officer has been working in the
small business field for thirty three years. Starting at eight
years old with his father’s successful family owned and
operated music store. His mother was a programmer for NCR
one of the words leading Point of Sales hard ware suppliers.
He has been building and repairing computers for
twenty + years.

Officer Lamar Walker Has been in the copier repair field for
twenty + years, as well as doing networking, PXE, servers and
all around personal computers for just about as long.

Officer Susannah O’Donoghue A student for life, and a
successful mother of five sons. She heads up the HR, and
accounting departments making sure all gets handled in
a timely and positive fashion.

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